I believe that Conscious life is the awareness that today is perhaps the last day of one’s life. The art of living is comprised of having gratitude for each day that is given to one with a celebration of the Divine Mystery of Life.
From my early childhood, the beauty and mystery of the visible and invisible world fascinated my soul.
When I create, I always feel that I belong to something Great and Immense, but as soon as my work is completed, I realize that my creation is so small and so finite compared to what I witnessed.
I am interested in the human being because man’s being is a great mystery. I am trying to comprehend this mystery in myself.
Art is a way of knowing oneself, and therefore an opportunity to dive into the mystery of our being.
The pure Indigenous world always intrigued my soul. This amazing, beautiful, and natural world was almost destroyed by European Civilization.
I think that today, only the Natural Indigenous world has a real future, and we must find a way to restore it, and find what we lost. If we don’t, our new civilization will likely be doomed to self- destruction.